Bank of America Benefits Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use Bank of America Benefits Login:

1. Enter the following URL:

2. Enter your Username in the given text box.

3. Click Sign In to proceed.

4. Enter your Password in the given text box.

What is the image for? The Site Identifier image is a verification tool used for a more secure account. Each account has a different image which assures the system that the one opening the account is its real user.

5. Click Sign In to finalize the process.



Experiencing difficulties signing in? Follow these quick steps to reset your password:

1. Click Forgot your Password? link.

2. Fill in the necessary text fields.

3. Click Continue to proceed.

4. Follow onscreen instructions to complete.


Still experiencing difficulties signing in? Directly contact Bank of America for assistance with the Bank of America Benefits Login process.

Through phone

Customer Care Center at: 1.866.791.0250

TTY 1.800.305.5109

24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays.


Through mail

Send mail inquiries to:

Bank of America Benefit Solutions

PO Box 25165

Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-5165


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